Policy of Imen Khodro Shargh Company (Public Joint Stock Company)

Imen Khodro Shargh Company as a manufacturing company in the field of design, production and supply of various types of seat belts, airbags and electronic components of automobiles, integrated management system policy, organizational responsibility and record keeping, Aligns itself with the strategic orientations with the aim of achieving quality, maximum satisfaction and value creation for customers as follows:


A. Integrated management system policy
1- Production and supply of flawless products in all stages of supply and production design.   
2. Create the highest value for your customers and partners by implementing a continuous improvement process.
3- Establishment and effective implementation of national and international product safety standards in all work steps.            
4- Upgrading the domestic market share by creating production infrastructure, logistics and competitiveness in price, quality and upgrading the supply chain and timely delivery.                                          
5- Observance of laws and requirements by creating a safe, clean and healthy environment.      
6- Protection, continuous communication, support and providing committed services to our customers to ensure the completion of the cycle of customer satisfaction.       
7- Reducing losses in production and improving productivity, flexibility and optimal use of production lines.        8- Development of human resources of the company by increasing the knowledge, motivation and satisfaction of employees in order to improve quality with the creativity and participation of employee.


B- Organizational responsibility policy
1. Doing business in an ethical method through anti-bribery policy in such a way that none of the employees are allowed to take or give bribes or abuse their job position.
   2- Supporting the moral principles and adherence of all individuals to the codes of conduct defined  in accordance with the moral commitment.     
3- Supporting the policy of disclosure and maintaining the job and psychological security of the employees who have played a role in exposing immoral cases or financial corruption.


C- Record keeping policy
1- Efforts to maintain all records of quality management system and customer.
  2- Updating information related to the legal and regulatory requirements of the customer and the  organization          
3- Protecting company and customer information against unauthorized access and confidentiality about information related to products under contract with the customer.

In order to move within the framework of the above quality policies, identify all processes affecting the quality of products and services of Imen Khodro Company and under the control of the quality system based on the requirements of the international standard IATF 16949: 2016, ISIRI-ISO/IEC17025,plan and execute effectively.