Product development projects of Imen Khodro Shargh Co. have focused on the following products in recent years: 


Seat Belt:

The seat belt projects of Imen Khodro Shargh Co. are focused on the coming of new generation of seat belts that is R200 Autoliv design in two phases of CKD and national manufacturing, which started with R200 pretensioner front seat belts for Peugeot 206, Samand, Runna and Dena and continued with producing R200 side rear seat belts for Peugeot 206, 405 and Samand.
The design projects of R200 middle rear seat belts for Peugeot 206 and SD, side rear and front seat belts for Tiba, side rear and front seat belts for Quick is currently in progress. 

Seat belt product development projects also include Tara seat belt, Chapar seat belt, SP100 seat belt and internalization of MGG part. 



At first, according to Iran Khodro policy, the project of Samand Soren driver bag was started and implemented. In this regard, with the cooperation of Jinhong Co., the Soren airbag module was designed and produced and the related ACU was also supplied by Autonet Co., Korea and then by Continental Co., Germany after performing crash test and completing the design process. 
The projects of driver airbag, passenger airbag, rotary spring and control unit of Peugeot 206, passenger airbag of customized Samand, national manufacture of airbag, the materials of airbag cover, inflator and side airbag of Dena Plus car is currently in processing. 
One of the ongoing projects of the company is design and production of Tara car safety system. This project includes a set of components for driver airbag, passenger airbag, side airbag, rotary spring, airbag control unit (ACU), front and rear seat belts, side accelerometer, rear obstacle detection system and Keyless System. 



Moreover, in recent years, the company policy making has been performed in a way that it also introduced the production of electronic auto parts as a new product family. In this regard, the production of Radio CD players with small and big panels (1DIN & 2DIN) and different kinds of in-cabin temperature sensors, oxygen, rear obstacle detection system, etc. were listed to be performed, and most of them have been designed, produced and provided to the customers so far.   
The ongoing electronic product development projects include Multimedia design for Peugeot 207, Dena, HAIMA S5, HAIMA S7 based on LINUX AGL operating system as well as the radio stereo design for Peugeot 206 and Samand.