Having the possibility of performing different types of vehicle seat belts tests and the tests related to airbags, the laboratory of Imen Khodro Shargh Co. is ready to cooperate with various industries, particularly the automotive industry in addition to meeting its needs. 

• Holder of ISO / IEC 17025 certificate issued by National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI) 
• Approved by SAPCO method
• Approved by Sazeh Gostar method
• IRAN Test & Research Center for Auto Parts Company (ITRAC) approved laboratory 
• Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIR) approved laboratory 


Some of the tests that can be performed in the laboratories of Imen Khodro Shargh Co. are as follows: 

General Tests:

• Tensile testing and compression testing (possibility of testing up to 15 tons)
• Salt spray, hardness test and thickness measurement 
• Impact polymer parts
• Environmental conditions (oven, freezer, temperature humidity chambers)


Airbag Tests:

• Airbag static performance (airbag explosion) 
• Rotary spring durability test
• Rotary spring noise test 


Seat Belt Performance Tests:

• Seat belt pretensioner trigger 
• Extension and retraction force of seat belt pull-off spring
• Retractor dynamic sensitivity to passenger and car acceleration  
• Release force of the buckle (lock)
• Sensitivity of seat belt to locking angle


Seat Belt Durability Tests:

• Retractor system durability (vehicle acceleration durability and belt acceleration durability)
• Buckle and microswitch durability  


Seat Belt Strap Tests:

• Abrasion with steel rods and polymer parts
• Belt tension (in different conditions)
• Belt slippage and longitudinal and transverse flexibility


Dynamic Tests: 

• Dynamic impact of retractor system and buckle 

• Crash test simulation